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Cary Belling
Composing Music

"Composing music can be playful, profound or exhilarating, but never the less - it is always a search for meaning."

Cary Belling

My musical ideas are sparked by my experiences in my life,  or a book, a news story, play, or film. Every meaningful moment has the potential to ignite a sonic impression. I allow my curiosity to choose which sound ideas I will explore. After considering their implications and potential, I pick the most appealing musical idea and practice presenting it in quite a number of different ways. These preparations allow me to trust the muse and let my creativity soar as I begin compose. I discover the  shape and skeleton of the piece by playing it’s pulse, weight, and breadth through the feeling and intelligence of my body, as one might imagine dancing. Refinement can come at various later stages  - but in the end, the process is like playing with clay to mold a structure that can balance its own weight. 

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